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Water Utility Solutions

- Customer Management

- Minimise Non Revenue Water

- Non Paying Customers

- Hardship Customers

- Water Rationing and Allocation



Utilities may be faced with customers who have received large excess water bills, usually caused by unknown leaks. These bills cause 

financial stress and hardship and if publicised, can generate negative press in the media for the Utilities. By offering consumer friendly Aquatrip solutions to these customers, the Utility can be positively proactive in the community and help sustain its own resources.

Minimise Non Revenue Water

By minimising non revenue water claims and water lost to leaks, all water sold can go towards the bottom line of the Utility. Claims for leak reimbursement can be reduced. 

Non Paying Customers

Utilities are sometimes faced with customers who will not pay their bills or continuously use excess water without paying for it. In the absence of being able to legally withold supply, Aquatrip has systems which allow Utilities to maintain supply, while still mitigating losses and abuse.

Hardship Customers

Customers may fall on hard times and be unable to pay their bill. Aquatrip has systems which would offer these customers a visible means to monitor their water use, and thus control their water consumption and its costs.



Supply authorities may be faced with an inadequate water supply for the number of homes to be supplied, This may be due to drought or population growth or rapid levels of urbanization in areas with poor infrastructure. 


AquaTrip has custom  technology solutions to assist authorities who are trying to maximise their resources. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How can Aquatrip help?    

By empowering your customers!

Real Time Water

Use Monitors

Many consumers want to avoid getting an unexpected excess water bill. By offering your customers a Water Use Monitor you can empower them with the ability to monitor their water consumption and its cost, in real time, from a Display Panel located in their homes. The Panel will also allow them to set an excess consumption alarm which can sound if they exceed the daily limit they set for them selves. There is also a Slow Leak alarm which will sound if non stop water flow is detected over a 24 hour period, indicating a leak. No more surprise excess water bills!

Water Loss Elimination

Our Leak Detectors with Automatic Shutoff Valves can be offered to water conscious consumers, to enable them to eliminate water leaks and water waste in their homes. At the same time protecting the property by minimising potential water damage in the event of a leak or plumbing problem. Water not lost to leaks, stays in the reservoir. We empower your consumers with knowlege and the means to help themselves.

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