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Your Home.

Your Aquatrip.

AquaTrip cares for your home as much as you do.

Unlike most other leak detection systems which can only monitor a single appliance, or require sensors to be placed all over the house, AquaTrip monitors your entire plumbing system by continuously tracking all the water used on the property. It can detect very low flow rates, and may be more sensitive than your water meter.

AquaTrip is a permanently installed Leak Detection System with an integrated automatic Shutoff Valve.


It functions as a Water Trip Switch, constantly monitoring all the plumbing pipes, fittings and water using

appliances on the property. If it detects a leak, a tap left running or some other plumbing failure, it will shut

off the water automatically, to minimise water damage, prevent excess water bills and save water.

You can easily turn the water back on when required.


It is also very useful if you forget to turn off your bath, or accidentally leave the hose on in the pool or spa.


It can detect the difference between your normal water use and a plumbing leak or tap left running by

mistake, protecting your entire plumbing system. It is easily programmable to suit your home and lifestyle.

AT2 with water meter

AquaTrip is fitted after your water meter on your main incoming water pipe. It can be fitted above or below ground or in your basement or machine room and will monitor all flow into your home.

What happens after the AquaTrip is installed?


You can easily program the system to suit your lifestyle and water use habits. Set it up initially and leave the Aquatrip to monitor your home.


AquaTrip will monitor your

water supply

24 x 7 x 365


If a leak is detected

AquaTrip will shut

off the water and alert you to the leak


Peace of mind  - AquaTrip is now in control of your plumbing

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