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Thursday 30th March 2023

Goodway Benelux showcases Aquatrip at the Maritime Industry Show in Holland

Goodway Benelux is the exclusive distributor for the Benelux of Goodway Technologies Corporation (USA) and our exclusive distributor for Aquatrip in Holland.

They recently attended the Maritime Industry Show; which is dedicated to the subjects shipbuilding and shipping, where visitors can see the latest products and obtain and compare offers. Goodway Benelux showcased Aquatrip at the show with a live demonstration of how it works and its effectiveness. Aquatrip has many applications, including anywhere where water or water storage is used.


Las Vegas Watersmart

Innovations Show

AquaTrip was invited to be a Poster Presenter at the Watersmart Innovation Show held in Las Vegas. 


Our stand was very busy and we received great interest in the product range. A big thanks to Patty and Dan from the Nevada Water Authority for making us feel so welcome. 


Master Plumbers Trade Shows 



Through the course of the past year we have attended a range of plumbing shows organised by the Master Plumbers Association.


We had a constant flow of interested plumbers through the stand  As a result our network of plumbers and plumbing retailers continues to expand. 

South Africa

Build Ex and Plumb Ex Show

Held in Johannesburg each year, the Build Ex and Plumb Ex shows are attended by all the main building supply companies in the construction industry.  We had a great response to the product range and have developed some good contracts from the many enquiries which resulted from the show. 


AquaTrip managers Chris de wet Steyn and Jacques Pretorious did a great job, their live demonstrations of the AquaTrip function created great interest and lots of questions. It was really easy to see how effective the AquaTrip is in detecting leaks and shutting off the water.


EMCO Roadshows

Kyle and his team have been very active spreading the

word across Canada about the effectiveness of the AquaTrip system in minimising water damage from leaking pipes.  


The Canadian insurance industry has been especially receptive as they see AquaTrip as a low cost way of reducing damage claims by minimising water leak damage.


AquaTrip has reps across all states in Canada and have nearly 1000 installing plumbers available to handle installations across Canada.

Curacao - Dutch Antilles Islands Kooyman Hardware demo days

AquaTrip manager Saniel Theodora's enthusiasm is contagious as he delivers another show and tell at a branch of the hardware chain Kooyman on the island of Curacao in the Dutch Antilles. Kooyman are the main plumbing and hardware distribution group in the Dutch Antilles.


Water costs US$11 per 1KL on these Carribbean islands, so this means that any unknown leaks can quickly run up big bills. AquaTrip not only informs the home owner of the leak, it also shuts off the water to prevent water waste.


Calgary Insurance Brokers Association

AquaTrip were one of the star presenters at the Calgary Insurance Brokers Association meeting. 


We had a tremendous response to the product, and as a result some large scale programs are being rolled out, to take advantage of the savings that Aquatrip can bring to the loss prevention arms of the insurance industry.

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