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water meter

Identify your meter

Identify your meter from the photos below 

Elster V100 (also called Kent)

Also called the Bullet style meter, it is easily identifiable by the single row of numbers in a window on top of the meter.


They come in various sizes (20/25mm & 40mm shown below) and may be plain brass or painted green, blue or some other colour. 

Elster V100 (kent) meter
RMC Dial Face meters

Identifiable by the glass face and up to five sets of dials on the face.


Please ensure that the meter has a recess in the face where the sensor can be located.

RMC Dial face meter
Itron Meter by Actaris

This is usually a plastic meter with a brass base. It is most likely to be found in Brisbane, Ipswich and Perth.

Itron Meter by Actaris
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