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Commercial Property Solutions

Commercial building maintenance is an ongoing and often expensive process. Unknown leaks left unchecked can cause massive property damage and high excess water bills.

AquaTrip systems are perfect for automatically maintaining control of all your plumbing, reducing water and maintenance costs and keeping you informed when things go wrong. AquaTrip can also reduce expensive after hours plumbing call out charges. AquaTrip controls facilities automatically and remotely, until you can schedule normal maintenance. It also helps improve the sustainability rating and green footprint of your building.

Public / Commercial Washrooms 

Office washrooms are often subject to high levels of use and low levels of maintenance. Leaking urinals, jammed toilet cistern fillers, and aging fittings can often leak for weeks or even months before anyone acts on them and a maintenance repair is scheduled - in that time many millions of litres of water are wasted and unnecessary excess water costs and property damage are incurred. We have specialised flow control systems which can be installed in public washrooms to control water waste, but still allow continuous uninterrrupted use of the facility. 

Beach and

Campground Toilets

Often located in remote rural and wilderness areas, and supplied by tank water or limited supplies of water. These toilets are at risk of vandalism, infrequent maintenance and long periods between service intervals.


Installation of an AquaTrip Leak Detection system acts like an in house plumbing maintenance manager. Any leaks or plumbing failures are identified and water is not left to run for weeks or month, yet the facility can always be used by any patron, without any interruption. 


This is especially useful if the toilet block is fed by limited tank water or is in a remote area without regular servicing.

Holiday Homes

Considering that holiday homes are unoccupied for long periods of the year, and are only used for a few weeks at a time, an unknown leak or burst pipe will cause massive damage until it is discovered. Let Aquatrip give you peace of mind by monitoring and protect your holiday home while you are away. 

Schools and Sports Washrooms

School and Sports club washrooms are usually very high usage and often subject to high levels of vandalism and mischievous abuse. Since these facilities are in constant high volume use, we recommend installing systems which monitor out of hours. These systems are in sleep mode when the facility is in use, but become active as soon as the facility closes. If a leak is present, the system shuts down the water supply during the inactive period if a leak is detected, and sends a message to the maintenance person responsible so they are aware that there is a plumbing problem. When the facility re-opens, the AquaTrip will turn the water back on automatically, even if the leak is still present.


Aged Care Facilities

Occupants of nursing homes or aged care facilities often forget and leave taps running without remembering to turn them off. This often results in flooding of the room and a large waste of water.


Prevent this by installing an AquaTrip Leak Detector with shutoff valve. If the Aquatrip detects an unusual or irregular amount of flow, it will turn off the water. The occupant can then turn the water back on by pressing a conveniently located reset switch. If required, the Aquatrip can send a signal to management to indicate that the water has been turned off, in case some thing may have happened to the occupant.

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