AT601M - Mains Powered Wetness Sensor with Shutoff Valve

Mains powered Wetness Sensor with 15mm (1/2 inch) 316 Stainless Steel Shutoff Valve and Australian power supply. If you require a different valve - select the valve you require from the list below, the end price will vary depending on the valve chosen.

You can also select to add the optional alarm output cable for remote monitoring. 

AT601M - Mains Powered Wetness Sensor with Shutoff Valve

  • The AT601 Beaver is a stand alone Wetness Sensor linked to an electromechanical Stainless Steel 316 Shutoff Valve. The Beaver is designed to be installed on the incoming water supply line to a Water Heater or other single input appliance. If the appliance develops a leak, when the leaking water touches the Wetness Sensor it will instantly close the valve and shut off the water.

    The Beaver can be used to monitor appliances such as water heaters, icemakers, water dispensers, dishwashers, coffee machines, washing machines, laundromats etc. It also has an optional output to trigger a Building Management (BMS) or Alarm System for remote monitoring. The Beaver is very simple to use, with only one button to control all functions.

    The Beaver is available with a choice of a 15mm, 20mm or 25mm (316 stainless steel) Shutoff Valve

    The Beaver is also available with a choice of two power supply options

    Model # AT601  - Battery powered by a 9V long life alkaline battery  OR

    Model # AT601M  - Mains powered by a low voltage power supply with backup battery

    AT601 Control Unit;
    Valve of chosen type and size; 
    9v Alkaline battery;
    Clip on Mounting bracket;
    Hanging Mounting Bracket;
    4 x Mounting Screws;
    Installation and Owners Manual.