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Water Damage prevention.
Prevents Bill Shock! Protect the environment & eliminate waste!
AquaTrip provides automatic 24/7 Water Leak Detection Protection and real time Information and Control of your Water Supply. If a leak is detected AquaTrip will warn you by shutting off the water to prevent excess bills, property damage and water waste. AquaTrip can tell the difference between normal use and a leak. 

Avoid the Financial Stress of Excess Water Bill Shock
The High cost of water means that if you have an underground leak or a plumbing fitting losing water, the first you will know about it will be when you get your excess water bill. An unknown leak can also cause extensive property damage, especially if it is in a roof or wall cavity or occurs during a period of absence.

A toilet with a silent invisible leak will waste over 60,000 litres per year, enough to fill one and a half swimming pools.

Protect Your Home from Water Damage
AquaTrip will detect most leaks shortly after they appear and by shutting off the water will minimise property damage, providing peace of mind for while you are away. A burst pipe can flood a home ruining all the contents and damaging building integrity, in some cases requiring a full rebuild.

A burst pipe or tap left running will empty around 40,000 litres or an average size swimming pool into your house in 12 hours.

Eliminate Leaks and Waste to Conserve Precious Water Supplies
Up to 10% of all water is lost to leaks after the meter, so AquaTrip will help maximise existing water resources by eliminating these leaks and other water waste. Water otherwise lost to unknown leaks, cracked pipes, taps left running or faulty toilets and urinals etc will be retained in the water supply source to make existing supplies go further.

By eliminating waste, existing water resources will supply more people for longer.

Monitor and Protect Public Washroom Facilities

AquaTrip has fully automated programmable systems which can almost entirely eliminate water waste from public facilities vulnerable to vandalism and excessively high usage. AquaTrip can inform maintenance staff of problems with urinals, toilets, taps, piping etc as they occur, without any inconvenience to users.

A running toilet will waste a swimming pool of water every week.

Protect Unattended Homes, Holiday Homes and Rental Properties

Have peace of mind knowing an AquaTrip is monitoring the pipes and fittings in your holiday home while you are away for long periods. A leak left for an extended period can cause long term damage to flooring, furniture, electrical wiring and building integrity.

A single dripping pipe fitting will lose a swimming pool of water each year.

Safeguard Rural Tank Water Supplies and Infrastructure
AquaTrip will detect burst pipes and leaks and faulty valves in remotely located taps, irrigation piping, storage and rainwater tanks. Rural Communities who depend on tank water can rest easy knowing that their tank water supplies are protected from a total loss situation caused by an unknown leak or burst pipe.

A burst pipe will empty a 20,000 Litre storage tank in less than half a day.

Assist Long Term Urban Water Planning Requirements
By including a Leak Detection System as part of the Building Code when new houses are built, planners can reduce the amount of water resources required to supply new urban developments. Water that would otherwise be lost to leaks will now be left in the storage facility. Available supplies will go further and more houses can be supplied from a smaller resource. Revenue water can be maximised as waste from non revenue water is minimised.

Over 10% of all houses have unknown leaks.

AquaTrip makes any property more Environmentally Sustainable......
Public facility protection!

Holiday & unoccupied Home protection!

Farm and Tank Water protection!

Vital for future urban planning...

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